Are these “kegel” exercises? The answer to this is Yes – and more.

Both men and women benefit from pelvic floor exercises. There are many factors that can weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Men can experience weakening of their pelvic floor muscles as they age. This can lead to problems with urination, disruption of sleep and other quality of life issues. Prostate surgery can leave a man with disruption of pelvic floor integrity.

For women, pregnancy, childbirth, aging and weight gain contribute to weakening the pelvic floor muscles. Problems exist with incontinence, sexual performance, pelvic pain and more serious medical complications.

The solution to these issues is most often “do some kegels”.

We compare ExMI™ pelvic floor fitness to “extreme kegel” exercises. Traditional kegels have been the suggested non-invasive exercise to help strengthen the pelvic floor. However, the likelihood of an adult being able to do enough kegels and often enough to make a difference are very unlikely.

The pelvic floor chair powered by ExMI will create the kegel like exercises for you. One session will result in 3,500 to 18,000 contractions. These contractions envelope your entire pelvic floor area, arching up to 7.8 cm into the lower core.

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